Few things in life exceed your expectations quite like a Highfield. Fewer still take expectations to new extremes. From concept through to design, Highfield inflatables have been developed in some of the toughest conditions in the world. As a direct descendant of the Australian Swift range of commercial RIBs, the Highfield range of roll-up tenders and aluminium hulled inflatables is taking the world by storm. Its aluminium transoms and hulls deliver a diverse range of inflatable boats that are lighter, stronger, faster and greater in fuel efficiency than its fibreglass counterparts. Detail Having earned its reputation for delivering unrivalled functionality and performance from a production vessel, it is little wonder why Highfields are not only popular as recreational vessels, premium tenders and day boats, but are also in great demand by yacht clubs and diving companies around the world. Designed to the highest standards, maintaining an industry leading warranty and offering a remarkable blend of agility, stability, safety and performance, owning a Highfield will be one of the most rational decisions your heart will ever make.


The Highfield Roll-up range takes the inflatable tender to the next level. Its aluminium transom provides greater strength whilst reducing its overall weight, making this compact dinghy unsurpassed as the ideal ship to shore transfer. Its inflatable keel provides greater directional stability whilst rowing and under motor. Its airmat floor ensures ease of use when packing away and transporting.

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Applying an uncluttered layout and single deck hull, the Ultralite has been designed and built as a light, yet tough, tender. Due to its weight savings, the Highfield Ultralite provides a real alternative to a soft bottom tender with the added benefit of superior performance achieved only by a rigid hull. Easy to transport and just as easy to transfer to and from the water, the decision to own a RIB, has just been made simple.

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Named the Classic range because they really are the perfect all-round tender, the Highfield Classic has been designed to be functional and to work hard. Strong, lightweight and dry riding, these boats really do all the things a tender should do and more. Its aluminium hull delivers impressive performance and excellent payload capacities, while its second skin floor not only keeps feet dry, but also enables the option for the boat to be fitted out with a variety of consoles.

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Ocean Master

The Aluminium Ocean Master range is engineered to deliver the toughest, most capable and seaworthy RIBs for their size on the market. Designed to excel in a demanding sea-state, the Ocean Master enables you to challenge the elements. Whether you are looking for a family day boat, a luxury tender or a hard working support vessel, the Ocean Master range will have a RIB to satisfy your needs. With models ranging from 3.5 to 7 meters in length, the Ocean Master offers diversity like no other. Fast and responsive and designed with harsh environmental influences in mind, this impeccable boat will allow you to take on the roughest conditions with confidence.

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Ocean Master Deluxe

Deluxe by name Deluxe by nature, the Highfield Ocean Master Deluxe is a capable RIB in all conditions. Based on the acclaimed hull of the Ocean Master range, the Deluxe series introduces a more elaborate transom with integrated rear seat and engine well. The new setup of this high-end range offers vast storage and a higher level of comfort for family cruising and water sport activities. The weight savings gained by its aluminium hull not only allows for ease of handling on and off a trailer, but the smaller ribs in the deluxe range make the ideal tender for the luxury boat owner with a base 250KG deck mounted davit crane. The Ocean Master Deluxe will leave you wanting nothing more other than wanting to spend more time on the water.

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The Highfield Patrol range of RIBs is designed and hand built to withstand the toughest conditions. The hull is constructed from 5mm 5083 aluminium plates with 6 and 10mm stringers. Its superior deep V, wide chines and large diameter tube, offer high manoeuvrability, high safety and a soft dry ride even in the roughest conditions. The Patrol boats carry large loads and plane quickly and easily with little horsepower. These boats are ideal as a pursuit craft or work boat and can be configured with different seating and console options. When safety, toughness and reliability matter, the Patrol range will be your first choice.

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